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Confessions of a Freelancer

September 20, 2011


I’ve written a new ebook called Confessions of a Freelancer, which I’d really love people to buy (if nothing else, because it’s only 99 cents – or 63 pence at current exchange rates). It’s one of those how-to guides, coupled with a bit of self-help, in which I make ten frank confessions about how I’ve […]

Coming back to the Mac with OS X Lion?

July 21, 2011


[This is based on a rejected pitch I sent Wired after a call for freelance pitches about OS X Lion on Twitter. I liked the idea – though they thought it wasn’t quite right for them – so figured I’d write it anyway.] My first computer was a Mac. It was boxy, clunky and pixellated […]

Was the revolution really tweeted?

March 3, 2011


Wael Ghonim, Google’s Head of Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa, became something of a figurehead for the Egyptian revolution when he informed his multi-billion dollar employer that he had a family emergency and needed to take six days off work. What actually happened was Ghonim was rushing for a plane from Dubai, […]

England lose in the World Cup, everyone’s to blame

June 27, 2010


I like football an awful lot, but I dislike the fact that everyone’s an armchair expert. I dislike the fact that the pundits on TV pretend that they’re experts, when the majority of them are former players who can’t hack it/don’t want to take the risk of management and the scrutiny that comes from it. […]