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Chuck Palahniuk writes not-very-good porn book

August 2, 2010


Chuck Palahniuk’s managed to carve out a really good niche for himself in the world of novels. Through Fight Club, later made into one of the first really good, really popular mainstream films that felt a little bit indie, he was able to play to both the teenage-boy (“holy shit, this guy writes about fighting […]

Shane Lee, YouTube Phenomenon

June 25, 2010


Shane Edward Lee is a YouTube phenomenon. No-one quite knows what to make of him. He is a military veteran. He is a Christian. He is possibly, according to confessions made on his own videos, a paedophile. He is all of these things and (very possibly) none of these things. And, God help me, I […]

Revealing all on the internet

June 9, 2010


Revelation is everything, not for its own sake, because most self-revelation is just garbage – oop! – yes, but we have to purge the garbage, toss it out, throw it into a bunker and burn it, because it is fuel. It’s fossil fuel. (Dave Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) I’m not massively comfortable […]