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WikiLeaks jumps the shark

January 6, 2011


It’s season five of Happy Days and the Fonz ends up harnessed in to some sort of jetski thing in order to jump a shark. It’s not a totally ridiculous thing – after all, this is a programme where the man could jumpstart a jukebox with his fist and had women literally swooning at his […]

The internet defending copyright laws? WHAT?!

November 4, 2010


It might seem like this story comes out of Oppositeland, but it’s actually true: the internet, that bastion of copyright infringement, plagiarism and illegal downloads, are actually helping maintain the copyright claims of one blogger against a print media magazine that ripped off their work then had the gall to say “tough.” It’s actually quite […]

It’s been a dark week for the British press

September 2, 2010


It’s been a dark week for the British press, and it reminds us that though we often have a lot to be proud about as regards our newspapers, there is a worrying shift towards slander and the tail wagging the dog. It’s curious that in a week when Tony Blair released his memoirs his revelations […]

The lessons learnt from Raoul Moat

July 9, 2010


With Raoul Moat surrounded and negotiating with police after a full seven days of evading capture for the attempted murder of ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and an unarmed police officer, and the murder of Stobbart’s new boyfriend, there are undoubtedly lessons to be learned for press, police and public alike. Press intrusion Perhaps most worryingly is […]

Mr. Murdoch, tear down this wall! (or how paywalls are like nightclub ropelines)

June 19, 2010


The discussions over The Times and The Sunday Times going behind a paywall have been going on across the internet for months now. The cud was chewed over far too carefully when it was first rumoured; it went into overkill when it was first announced; but now that it’s actually beginning to happen, opinions have […]