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Holes in the Great Wall of China?

August 8, 2011


China is this generation’s Russia. It’s hidden behind a literal and figurative wall, where you feel that only small snippets of information are let out to the general public. But truthfully, we’re getting closer and closer to a glasnost situation with the world’s largest economy. We’ve seen in the past few months a series of […]

Mickey Mouse teaches Chinese kids English

May 15, 2011


While we’re sending our children to after-school Mandarin classes and demanding that headmasters and mistresses put mandated Chinese learning on curriculums, Chinese parents are doing the exact opposite. They still seem to believe in the value of knowing English to survive in the world, and they’re sending their children to supplemental classes run by Disney. […]

African Lions vs. Eastern Tigers in the battle for oil

February 8, 2011


Tonight on BBC Two Justin Rowlatt is travelling to Africa as part of a series on the domination China is wreaking over the world. The Chinese Are Coming seems to take a personalised, microcosmic view of what’s happening: something television does best, by taking the individual stories and telling them. However it’s worth also looking […]

Not everyone Googles…

October 8, 2010


It may be shocking to learn this, but not everyone Googles. Despite the fact that it’s become a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary, and that most of use it many times daily (I have known friends that will type a URL into their browser’s Google toolbar, get the results of the search then click […]