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Recommended reading: cricket and shonky bank robberies

June 22, 2011


I’ve been reading an awful lot of good journalism recently, with the result that I want to share it with others. Hopefully from reading what I write, you’ll have a similar appreciation of these articles – all of which are available online for free – which tread the same sort of style and thought patterns […]

A love letter to STACK Magazines

November 26, 2010


I have a thing about magazines. In fact, I’m looking for a small but useful magazine rack that I can put in my room to hold some of the prettiest and most interesting magazines that I have: the Bret Easton Ellis edition of Fantastic Man (that I bought at the Borders at a faceless off-motorway […]

Stupid Americans are incredibly stupid

August 23, 2010


I make it a point to not present my political beliefs, partly because I don’t actually have strong held beliefs myself. I believe in the democratic process, and so far I’ve voted in every election that it’s been possible to since I’ve been old enough, but I’m not a signed up member of any political […]

Shane Lee, YouTube Phenomenon

June 25, 2010


Shane Edward Lee is a YouTube phenomenon. No-one quite knows what to make of him. He is a military veteran. He is a Christian. He is possibly, according to confessions made on his own videos, a paedophile. He is all of these things and (very possibly) none of these things. And, God help me, I […]