Ice ice baby

Posted on December 13, 2010


Be careful out there. I just got wind from a completely random paragraph in a Guardian article that was talking about the snow that Ben Johnson (an award-winning young tenor who has performed for Northern Chords in the past) slipped and broke his leg before a concert in East Anglia yesterday.

Snow’s lovely (until it gets to the tenth day and the country grinds to a halt) but the thaw is deadly, especially when the melted snow refreezes overnight into ice. I know today on the day to work I was slipping all over the place.

Wear walking boots if possible and try and avoid any skitey bits on pavements. The logical conclusion is – apart from not walking, which is delightfully impractical – to walk on the gritted roads, but don’t be stupid and think that cars can or will stop quickly. There’s ice on there too that you can’t necessarily see, and nor can the drivers.

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