Kim Jong-Il looking at things

Posted on December 4, 2010


I’m busy writing lots of things at the minute and so need a way to be distracted when I take a break and do nothing for a bit. I’ve found the perfect solution: Kim Jong-Il looking at things. There’s really not a lot you can say about the site (it’s all pretty much summed up in the title), but it is interesting to note the disparity between the number of comments on posts.

According to the site, Kim looking at corn is nearly 1000 times more popular than Kim looking at a desk, or the hundreds of generals he has propping up his regime. Maps, too are boring. The half rhyme hats, though, are more interesting.

Personally my favourite might well be Kim looking at crackers (the food, not the people – pictured above). Take a look at the site and tell me your favourite in the comments below.

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