Stupid Americans are incredibly stupid

Posted on August 23, 2010


I make it a point to not present my political beliefs, partly because I don’t actually have strong held beliefs myself. I believe in the democratic process, and so far I’ve voted in every election that it’s been possible to since I’ve been old enough, but I’m not a signed up member of any political party.

However, many right wing Americans are incredibly stupid. Take this video, from a rally against the proposed plans to build a mosque on the site of the former World Trade Centre building – the now infamous Ground Zero [contains strong language]:

It’s callous racism like this which makes me really dislike America – and I’m someone that spent a large part of their formative years travelling to and loving the country. I still like going there; I want to eventually go on a road trip around it. But they seem to have incredible vituperative, incredibly idiotic fringes in their society that think that anyone who isn’t white or a WASP is a Muslim (which in their weird cant means that they’re wanting to strap a bomb to themselves and blow up white people).

It’s worrying how rapidly the situation becomes a lynch mob (with a few notable, noble exceptions). It’s not a proud moment for America; it’s not a proud moment for anyone, really…

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