Linkbait (1): What I’ve been reading

Posted on July 31, 2010


The ‘Linkbait’ title is a joke but also a warning: I’m going to be directing you to just some of the thousands of words I’ve been reading daily but haven’t felt I can comment on properly. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting here that you might’ve passed over or missed entirely.

Colons: I use them a lot, but not usually in the manner I just did. (Mainly) American writers have become enamoured with the jumper colon. I’m not sure I like it, but I’ll admit that I sometimes slip into this fifth, ungrammatical usage of those two little dots. [The Millions]

Without this article, I’d never have known that white elephants in Thailand aren’t the same as white elephants over here. I like the way elephants are now public property. [BBC]

I used to listen to a dinosaur tape in the car when I was about 7. It told me about the many number of different dinosaurs there were. It turns out that was a lie, and dinosaurs evolved hugely during their lives. [New Scientist]

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