What happens when you get the wrong email address…

Posted on July 14, 2010


A week and a half ago I began getting some strange emails. They were sent from what I presume is a Turkish man (or woman) who owns an iPhone.

I know that only because each email ends with ‘iPhone’umdan gönderildi’ – which I presume is the Turkish for the annoying commonplace phrase ‘sent from my iPhone’ that’s become all the rage for people wanting to show their devotion to Apple. It was disconcerting. I was being sent photos by this person.

I just presumed it was spam, or a virus of some sort that could somehow infect me, so I kept well clear and set them to go into my spam folder. But then today I got some more, and I began to see an interesting anthropological insight into them. Whoever is sending me these photos (by accident, presumably) is by the slip of a finger or a misremembered letter broadcasting their life.

Here are the seven photos I’ve been sent by error so far. If I get any more I’ll keep updating this post, so you might want to bookmark it, put it on your Stumbleupon favourites or Digg it for later. I’ll leave you to look into what they mean, and to see if you can patch together a life from these extracts.

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