My secret vice: fonts

Posted on May 28, 2010


I like writing an awful lot – that much should be evident – but I also like the way the text is presented. Fonts, then, are my secret vice. Every so often, I’ll trawl a variety of sites including Smashing Magazine (linked below in the trackback) to get a new tranche of professional-looking free fonts.

The font used on the main site (not this blog) at is an example of a font that I’ve found while I’ve been looking online: it’s called Museo Sans and is completely free and hopefully, looks good.

It comes from another fixation of mine, magazines. More often than not you can separate a decent magazine from a great one by their design, regardless of the quality of the copy. The same features article printed in a shoddy local magazine that doesn’t branch out beyond three columns of Arial will read much worse than when printed in a glossy national, with a decent white-space/text ratio and in a good quality font.

So if you’re as interested in style (as well as substance) as I am then perhaps the link below will help you put an extra punch in your presentation.

Smashing Magazine: 20 Fresh High Quality Free Fonts

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